HEALTH on Heavy-Music Roots, Exploring Aggressive New Direction on 'SLAVES OF FEAR'

HEALTH's new album Vol 4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR is an album full of sonic distortion and mechanical drive, showing the band's knowledge around both synthesizers and guitars. Their electronic-assisted heaviness contributes to their definition of hard rock, born from their beginnings listening to classic rock and mutating to what it is now. "We have a lifelong obsession with heavy music," says Jake Duszik. "Say you're really into Sabbath. That shit's been done, and it's been done really well. So we wanted to figure out how to have our own avenue of having something to contribute that's [a] novel ... way to communicate music that's aggressive." See the band discuss their deep connection to heavy music, the winding road that led to "darker, heavier" new record and why they want to add more "dog" to their music.

February 8, 2019