Ice Nine Kills x Papa Roach: Jacoby Shaddix Interviews Spencer Charnas, Pt. 1

Revolver has teamed with Ice Nine Kills for a limited-edition 2LP "clear smoke" vinyl colorway of their upcoming album, Welcome to Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2. It's limited to 300 copies — order yours now.

Ice Nine Kills vocalist Spencer Charnas was looking for his Paul Allen. One day on a European tour he walked up to Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix and asked, "'Do you mind if I just kind of lodge an axe in your head and [have you] sing with me?'" Shaddix's response: "Absolutely, dude!" Earlier this month that nightmare became a reality when INK dropped the American Psycho-inspired "Hip to Be Scared" and it's bloody music video, both featuring the Papa Roach singer. "You killed it … and then I killed you," Charnas compliments Shaddix in the video above. In part 1 of their lively conversation, the vocalists discuss the collab, what makes for good acting, internet reaction videos and, of course, new music on the way for both groups.