Inside Chester Bennington's First Band Grey Daze: Roots and Recording of 'Amends'

Before Chester Bennington became a global rock star with Linkin Park, the late, great singer cut his teeth in his first proper band Grey Daze — a Phoenix-based, Nineties-era outfit that released a pair of albums then broke up. In 2017, Bennington regrouped with drummer Sean Dowdell and bassist Mace Beyers with plans to rework and re-record their old material. Unfortunately, the band wouldn't get to realize their vision together due to the singer's untimely passing later that year, but what the surviving members were able to create was Amends, an upcoming album (created with the blessing of the Bennington family) that includes Bennington's original vocals with completely reworked instrumental tracks and guest contributions from members of Korn, Helmet and more. Revolver traveled to Arizona to get an exclusive look at where it all started — from clubs Grey Daze played back in the day, to the process through which Amends became a reality. Watch part one of our three-part series now.