Lamb of God's Mark Morton: 5 Riffs I'm Proudest of

In the premiere episode of "5 Riffs I'm Most Proud Of" — in which guitarists discuss the five favorite riffs they've ever written — Lamb of God axman Mark Morton (whose debut solo record, Anesthetic, drops on March 1st via Spinefarm Records) tells us the origin stories of the riffs he's most proud of, from "Cross Off" to "Descending." "It's a tough crowd there, in the Lamb of God writing sessions," Morton reveals. "'Descending' was a big stinker at the beginning that caused problems. [Laughs] So now whenever we play it live, I take a certain unique sense of pride in seeing the front row singing it all back to us because I'm like, 'See? I told you guys this was a banger.'" Watch the video to find out the rest of his picks. 

February 28, 2019