Lamb of God's Mark Morton: 5 Riffs That Made Me

Revolver is proud to present "5 Riffs That Made Me," a new video series in which heavy music's best guitarists pick the top five riffs that most inspired their playing and helped them become the musicians they are today. For our premiere episode, we caught up with Lamb of God axman Mark Morton (whose debut solo record, Anesthetic, drops on March 1st via Spinefarm Records) to discuss the riffs that changed his life, from Led Zeppelin to Slayer. "Coming up, learning how to play guitar, being a metalhead teenager, South of Heaven in particular was the first Slayer album that I really connected with … that song ['South of Heaven'] has a heavy presence of groove. … It taught me something I still believe, which is sonically, slower is heavier than fast. Fast is a rapid energy, but when things slow down and the time cuts in half and the riff drops — that's the impact." Watch the video to find out the rest of his picks.

February 27, 2019