Lamb of God's Randy Blythe on Covering Cro-Mags, Discovering Them via 'Donahue'

Lamb of God dropped their badass new covers album, Legion: XX, this past Friday (May 18th) under their previous moniker Burn the Priest — their one and only record under that name turns 20 this year. We've been digging into the release with a series of track-by-track videos with singer Randy Blythe. Next up is LOG's vicious take on Cro-Mags' "We Gotta Know," which was a Mark Morton pick for the LP because his high school band used to cover it. In the clip above, Blythe talks about how he was turned on to his favorite New York City hardcore album of all time, the Cro-Mag's The Age of Quarrel, by staying home sick from school and watching The Phil Donahue Show. "Nothing will get you ready to face a brutal world like listening to The Age of Quarrel," says Blythe. "That will pump you the fuck up."