Machine Head's Robb Flynn Opens Up About Self-Destructive Past, How Therapy Helps

In Revolver's series "Rise Above," artists open up about the personal and creative adversity they've faced and reveal how they turn such struggles into art. In episode four, Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn opens up about his self-destructive lifestyle — including drug and alcohol abuse, fighting, cutting and bulimia — leading up to 1997's The More Things Change ..., which led him to seek help in therapy the following year. "It's the type of thing where unless you really want to do it, it's useless to do," says the singer. "You gotta reach a point in your life where you've reached such a low that you do it. Because you have to change." See him recount how therapy and the experience of "peeling the onion" influenced the lyrics to Machine Head's The Burning Red LP, which, in turn, inspired many heavy, important conversations between Flynn and fans who connected with the songs. "It was like a struggle we have both gone through," he says. "It was this thing we had both survived."