Neurosis' Dark Path, Deep Bond: Inside 'Through Silver in Blood' and Beyond

In the second and final part of our in-depth doc "A Shadow Memory," singer-guitarist Scott Kelly looks back on how Neurosis became Neurosis, one of the most revered underground metal bands of all time, from incorporating psychedelic visuals into their stage show to making their 1996 masterpiece Through Silver in Blood, a record born of personal dark times — loss, addiction and grief — that he still finds painful to revisit. Kelly and his bandmates could have said "Fuck this" many times, but instead they've forged ahead, leaning on each other as family, and on their fans, with whom they share an intense bond. "Life can be a real motherfucker," he says, "and if you reach a point where you can't see straight anymore and you can't figure shit out, don't be too proud to seek help."

August 7, 2018