New Fotocrime Video From Ex-Coliseum, Young Widows Members Is Dark Wave Heaven

Ryan Patterson is best known for making burly, noisy post-hardcore music with his band Coliseum, but his latest project, Fotocrime — which also features guitarist Nick Thieneman (Young Widows) and bassist Shelley Anderson — traffics in a more mellow, if no less dark and insinuating, sound. The neon-streaked, black-leather-clad Dark Wave and post-punk of the Eighties echoes in the six tracks on the trio's forthcoming 12-inch EP, Always Night. Both slinky and rumbling, lead cut "Duplicate Days" is an exemplar of the project as a whole, as is its atmospheric music video, directed by Revolver video producer/editor Jaclyn Sheer.

November 7, 2017