A Perfect Circle's 'Mer de Noms': See Billy Howerdel Look Back on Classic Debut

Boasting the highest ever Billboard 200 debut for a rock band's first album, buoyed by smash hits like "Judith," "3 Libras" and "The Hollow," A Perfect Circle released their debut LP, Mer de Noms, May 23rd, 2000. To commemorate the major milestone, Revolver caught up with founding member, producer and guitarist Billy Howerdel to look back on the making of the record and discuss its legacy. In the video above, Howerdel talks about how a band with "high hopes, low expectations" ended up breaking records. He recalls moving into Maynard James Keenan's house, creating the first songs in a garden shed vocal booth, touring with Nine Inch Nails and much more. "There's a lot of energy in that record," he says, "and it keeps coming and coming."