See Black Dahlia Murder Singer Talk Worst Gigs Ever, Burritos, Death Metal

On the "Worst Gig Ever" podcast, Geoff Garlock (Orchid, Panthers, the Year Is One, Low Estate, UCB Theatre) wallows in the crapulance of what it takes to be a musician in this world, joined by different guests sharing their own hilarious horror stories every week. In its original incarnation, the podcast ran for 100 episodes, give or take, with Garlock joined by co-host Mike Pace; in 2014, they called it a day, but now Revolver has resurrected the show. On this episode, the Black Dahlia Murder's Trevor Strnad discusses growing up on tour, misogynist death metal, shoddy overseas equipment rentals, lukewarm five-layer burritos and if decency is truly over.