See Lamb of God's Mark Morton Talk "F-You Attitude" of 'New American Gospel'

"I listen to that, and I hear a really naive, fledgling group of drunk dudes trying to somehow ... write songs and squeeze all our riffs together," says Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton of the band's seminal record New American Gospel. "It's got this kind of innocence to it." The Richmond rippers released the album, their first under the LOG moniker rather than their previous name Burn the Priest, back in 2000 and set forth on a two-decade adventure that would see them reach nearly every corner of the world with their brazen, fiery brand of American heavy metal. Citing Eyehategod and Melvins as influences from which the band created their own swampy, dirty sound, Morton looks back fondly on the youthful energy captured in the LP, along with what he refers to as an "F-you attitude" — a signature element of the Lamb of God presence that hasn't eroded in the years since Gospel was unleashed. Watch above.

September 26, 2019