Lyric Dissector

Underoath Singer Shares Story of Drug Addiction Behind New Song "Rapture"

In the latest episode of our "Lyric Dissector" series — in which artists break down the lyrics to standout songs — Underoath singer Spencer Chamberlain opens up about the personal story behind "Rapture," the lead single off the band's first record in eight years, Erase Me, which tackles his longtime drug addiction and drugs' power over people. "When drugs stop being fun, they start to suck. It takes, I think, humans a very long time to admit that it sucks," he explains. "You have that self-loathing all the time. You just beat yourself up, or at least I did, which was a huge step for me to not want to have that as a part of my life anymore." Chamberlain also expresses his hope that the song will help people who face similar struggles. "My thought is, writing lyrics that are really honest and brutal and sometimes suck to talk about ... hopefully that can help other people be like, 'Yeah, me, too.'"