Watch Red Fang's Hilarious New "Cut it Short" Video

Red Fang have shared the comedic new video clip for their song "Cut it Short," which is taken from their latest album, Only Ghosts. Directed by longtime Red Fang collaborator Whitey McConnaughy, who directed the band's videos for "Shadows," "Wires," "Prehistoric Dog," and "Hank Is Dead," the video opens up with two beer-guzzling interviewers posing a loaded question: "So, you guys have been a band a long time, like, forever. So, I was wondering, you guys must get on each other's nerves sometimes, right?" After the members insist that they "get along pretty good," the video launches into a montage of each of their annoying behaviors and habits. How do the guys cope with each other's nuances? Watch until the end to find out.

May 19, 2017