What Is Judas Priest's Greatest Song? Coheed, Testament, Black Dahlia Weigh in

Remember the first time you heard Judas Priest? Whether it was Rob Halford's signature piercing wail or Glenn Tipton's mind-blowing guitar solos that did the trick, chances are you were hooked immediately. Over the last half century, the NWOBHM icons have released countless rippers (see what we did there?) and picking just one song as their greatest is an enormously difficult job. Who could accomplish such a Herculean task? Revolver assembled a kickass panel of rock and metal musicians and asked them to choose their favorite Judas Priest song; using our complicated algorithm (actually we just counted) we were able to name a champion. Is it "Breaking the Law"? "Painkiller"? "Hellbent for Leather"? Watch and find out!