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Slayer were musical guests on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night. In addition to ripping through a killer performance of their watershed song "Raining Blood," the icons took part in the show's "Tales From Tour" segment. The series finds artists looking back at their wildest times on the road — and, man, have these four seen (and done) some shit. Kerry King recalled the band's unsuccessful search through the streets of Amsterdam for a very stoned friend, whom they ended up abandoning (don't worry, there's a happy ending). The band members also shared tales of botched free throws, leaving drum techs behind Roy Rogers truck stops and — because this is Slayer we're talking about — awe-inspiring acts of projectile vomiting. Check out their performance and interview below.

Shortly after their 'Fallon' appearance, Slayer headed to nearby Madison Square Garden for the New York stop on their North American headlining tour. The group's latest round of shows behind last year's Relentless continues tonight in Baltimore, Maryland, with dates scheduled through late August. Check here to view the full itinerary of Slayer's summer trek, which features support from Lamb of God and Behemoth.

Speaking with Revolver earlier this month, King revealed that Slayer have new music in the works. "Funny thing is, Repentless isn't even two years old yet, though it seems like it is — but from that session, there are six or eight songs that are recorded: some with vocals, some with leads, but all with keeper guitar, drums and bass," he revealed. "So when those songs get finished lyrically, if the lyrics don't change the songs, they'll be ready to be on the next record. So we already have more than half a record complete, if those songs make it."

"This is actually the most prepared we've ever been for the next record in our history; there's no reason to not do more work, because it's already more than halfway done," he continued. "Just write four or five new songs, and give the others some attention, and we'll be good to go. If we get a down period of time, which I know is coming at the end of this year, maybe we'll focus on that and get to it." 

grave pleasures

Grave Pleasures, the Finnish death-rock outfit formerly known as Beastmilk, have unveiled the turbulent new anthem "Infatuation Overkill." It's the first single off the band's sophomore album Motherblood, which hits shelves later this fall. The bruising cut finds the group picking up where last year's Funeral Party EP left off, delving into the insanity of modern times by way of an ear-splitting, post-punk fever pitch. 

"Obsession and omnipresent violent lust have become the norm as mania begins to seep into our intrinsic make-up," vocalist Mat McNerney said of the track in an interview with Decibel. "We attempt to portray the feeling of being pulled apart as the volcano erupts on our species and the dawn of man begins to draw to a close." The frontman's self-directed, black-and-white video for "Infatuation Overkill" takes the song's arduous, existential tug-of-war in an appropriately frenzied direction, splicing performance footage with dramatic, darkly sensual scenes which showcase human contact at its most lethal and alluring. 

Check out Grave Pleasures' "Infatuation Overkill" song and video below, and pre-order Motherblood digitally here ahead of its September 29 release date via new label home Century Media. (Physical pre-orders will become available July 29.) 

Grave Pleasures provided the following explanation of the record's themes (and eye-catching cover art) last month:

Like the great sacrament of ancient times that was the blood sacrifice of the mother, we too have laid down our most holy flesh at your feet. This record, which is a bold re-definition of death-rock and our totemic challenge to our pretenders, shall be our most grand and sordid testament. If you have never danced with the skeletons, then this album is your gateway drug to all the nihilistic pleasures of the grave. Apocalyptic post-punk never sounded so desperately bleak and wild yet never grinned so maniacally and writhed so fervently with tongues that whip the tombs. The Kali figure of our cover is the eternal icon of nuclear fear. She presides over the religion of an apocalyptic future. A desolate future we proudly celebrate with caustic music of the most furious punk. Come imbibe and wash your mind in our Motherblood. We're dancing in the lion's mouth. The elevator only goes down.

dead cross

Dead Cross, the hardcore-flavored supergroup comprising Faith No More's Mike Patton, Retox guitarist Michael Crain, Locust bassist Justin Pearson and ex-Slayer/current-Suicidal Tendencies drummer Dave Lombardo, are gearing up to release their self-titled debut album August 9th via Ipecac Recordings. After dropping off their gruesome, political "Seizure and Desist" video, the band has unveiled a new clip, for "Obedience School," another savage cut off the eponymous LP. Directed by Dennis Bersales, the black-and-white visual whisks the viewer away to a seedy arena to watch two roosters beat each other senseless for a packed crowd's amusement. Dead Cross' blistering hardcore renders this blood sport (commonly known as "cockfighting") all the more brutal — as do the jerky edits, which sync with Lombardo's rabid blast beats.

Watch below, and remember, don't try this at home: Cockfighting is illegal (in the U.S., anyway), not to mention very mean to the chickens. Dead Cross won't be participating in any cockfights in the coming weeks, but they will be hitting the road with Secret Chiefs 3 for a North American tour. 



Aug. 10 - Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory
Aug. 11 - Las Vegas, NV - Brooklyn Bowl
Aug. 12 - Phoenix, AZ - The Marquee
Aug. 14 - Dallas, TX - Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
Aug. 15 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live
Aug. 16 - Austin, TX - Emo's
Aug. 18 - Tucson, AZ - The Rialto Theatre
Aug. 19 - San Diego, CA - The Observatory North Park
Aug. 21 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre
Aug. 23 - Berkeley, CA - The UC Theatre
Aug. 25 - Vancouver, BC - Vogue Theatre
Aug. 26 - Seattle, WA - The Showbox
Aug. 27 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
Aug. 29 - Sacramento, CA - Ace of Spades
Sept. 08 - Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Soundstage
Sept. 10 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
Sept. 11 - Boston, MA - Royale
Sept. 12 - New York, NY - Gramercy Theatre
Sept. 13 - Brooklyn, NY - Warsaw
Sept. 15 - Detroit, MI - St. Andrew's Hall



black sabbath

Black Sabbath recently announced Black Sabbath: The End of the Enda documentary chronicling the icons' final concert last February, in their hometown of Birmingham, England. Today, they've released a trailer for Dick Curruthers' film, which will be screened in theaters worldwide for one night only, September 28th. The 30-second preview offers a tantalizing glimpse of what the film holds: professionally-shot footage of Ozzy and Co.'s grand finale, dizzying crowd shots, intimate peeks behind the curtain and — of course — a deluge of purple balloons. Check it out below. A list of theaters participating in the Black Sabbath: The End of the End screening event can be found over on the film's official website. Don't see your city listed? Head here to request a screening.

The End of the End isn't the only thing Black Sabbath fans have to look forward to this September. A day after the film's release, on September 29th, the band will release its new vinyl box set, The Ten Year War. The limited-edition release includes remastered editions of the band's first eight LPs (Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Master Of Reality, Vol. 4, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Sabotage, Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die), two rare seven-inches, a crucifix-shaped USB stick (which can also be worn as a necklace), a hardcover book with photos and essays, reproductions of Black Sabbath's hard-to-find "Ten Year War" brochure and 10th Anniversary World Tour 1978 Program and a reprinted tour poster from Black Sabbath's 1972 concert at the Seattle Centre Arena. Pre-order the box set here.

Earlier this month, Osbourne took the stage at Wisconsin's Rock USA festival for his first concert since Black Sabbath's epic hometown curtain call. His headlining set marked the return of longtime guitarist (and Black Label Society mastermind) Zakk Wylde, after an extensive absence. (Wylde's last performance with the Ozzman was in 2009.)


Slipknot are set to release their new tour documentary Day of the Gusano just over a month from now. Directed by Slipknot Percussionist M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan, the 90-minute movie, out September 6th, captures the band's historic Knotfest Mexico show — as well as the droves of fiercely loyal fans, known as "Maggots," who attended the 2015 concert — in surround sound, providing viewers with an immersive film experience. It'll be screened at 1,000 theaters worldwide for one night only (a list of participating venues is available here). 

"Slipknot still has dreams for itself," Crahan has said of the doc. "Finally playing Mexico was one of them. It's been a surreal life of rock & roll for Slipknot and the fact that the dreams still go on for us is simply incredible."

Following last month's pro-shot snippet of their "Vermillion" performance, Slipknot have proffered up another ephemeral sneak peek of the upcoming documentary. This time, viewers get a fly-on-the-wall perspective of the band's pre-Knotfest rehearsals, which the band conducted without their usual masks and jumpsuits. Check it out below.


In 2008 Linkin Park hit the road on the fifth installment of their Projekt Revolution tour, joined by acts including electro-rockers the Bravery, A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel's other band Ashes Divide and metalcore stalwarts Atreyu, as well as Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell. Cornell was out supporting his 2007 solo album, Carry On, and during the trek, he and Linkin Park's Chester Bennington traded off guest appearances in each other's sets. Bennington joined Cornell for his performance of Temple of the Dog's "Hunger Strike," and Cornell returned the favor, coming onstage during the second verse of Linkin Park's "Crawling" to finish the song in duet with Bennington. Below, you can watch one such joint effort.

Bennington and Cornell were not only musical collaborators but also good friends. After Cornell's death in May, the Linkin Park singer posted an intense, grieving message to Twitter. He wrote of Cornell, "You have inspired me in many ways you could never have known. Your talent was pure and unrivaled. Your voice was joy and pain, anger and forgiveness, love and heartache all wrapped up into one. I suppose that's what we all are. You helped me understand that. I just watched a video of you singing ' A day in the life ' by the Beatles and thought of my dream. I'd like to think you were saying goodbye in your own way. I can't imagine a world without you in it."

screen shot

One of the most thrilling moments on Body Count's latest album, Bloodlust, is Ice-T and company's medley of Slayer's immortal tracks "Raining Blood" and "Postmortem." If you've ever wondered how the tribute came together, ponder no more: the band's new music video for the Bloodlust cut takes us into the studio for a behind-the-scenes look at how the sessions went down. (Unlike Body Count's recently-released, extremely gory "Here I Go Again" clip, this one's safe for work.) Watch below.

In addition to giving fans a peek behind the curtain, "Raining Blood" / "Postmortem" — co-directed by Treach Tribe and Ice-T — provides some valuable insights into the unholy trinity of influences that's served as the Body Count's gospel over their 27-year history. "I used the three bands that were my favorites at the time to set the tone," the frontman, rapper and actor reveals. "We used the impending doom of a group like Black Sabbath, who pretty much invented metal, the punk sensibilities of somebody like Suicidal [Tendencies], who basically put that gangbanger style from Venice, California, into the game, and the speed and precision of Slayer: one of my favorite groups, and always will be."

screen shot

On July 14, 1992, Danzig released their third album, Danzig III: How The Gods Kill. As Danzig's first album to break into the Top 25 on the Billboard charts, How The Gods Kill offered definitive proof that ex-Misfit Glenn Danzig's latest musical endeavor was anything but your average solo project, instead it solidfied his status as heavy metal royalty. Many critics and fans regard it as one of the band's definitive albums, and rightly so; Songs like "Sistinas," "Dirty Black Summer," and the title-track are not so much essentials as they are herculean sonic feats that take Danzig's booming goth rock — already filled to the brim with diabolical riffs, turbulent tempos and overpowering confidence — and somehow amplify it to terror-inducing levels. 

Danzig are set to mark Danzig III's quarter-century milestone at Chicago's Riot Fest this September, with a performance of the album in its entirety. Today, we're having a celebration of our own, with a look back at the band's classic 1992 interview with "Headbangers Ball" host Riki Rachtman. After catching up with Danzig on tour in Germany, the host whisked Danzig and bassist Eerie Von to an opulently-decorated, unequivocally creepy castle for an intriguing (and super awkward) chat. Come for insightful discussion on How The Gods Kill; Stay for the metal-as-fuck scenery, ceaseless sulking, and seething softly-spoken disses, like this one from Danzig himself: "Is this band called the Misfits or Samhain? No. It's called Danzig." Ouch. Check out the complete interview below.

screen shot

Arch Enemy are gearing up to release their 10th studio album, Will of Power, on September 8th via Century Media. After unveiling the album artwork late last month, and dropping a cover of the Shitlickers' "The Leader (of the Fuckin' Assholes)" earlier this week, the Swedes have finally unveiled "The World Is Yours," Will of Power's debut single (which is also their first new music in over three years). It arrives accompanied by a ferocious music video directed by Patric Ullaeus, which finds Alissa White-Gluz and company performing the song against a backdrop of shadows, strobe lights and outer-space scenery. Watch below.

Arch Enemy guitarist Michael Amott (who co-wrote and co-produced "The World Is Yours" with the help of drummer Daniel Erlandsson) says he's proud of Will of Power, and can't wait to take it on the road. "We had a blast recording together with the full band in the south of Sweden, and then mixing with Jens Bogren [Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, At The Gates], who did a superb mix and mastering in my opinion, even surpassing the epic sound on our previous record, [2014'sWar Eternal," Amott says. "People that have heard this song in particular are saying it's got the classic anthemic Arch Enemy vibe going on, and I think they might be right about that."

Arch Enemy are keeping busy in the weeks leading up to their latest LP with a slew of European summer festival appearances scheduled through mid August. On September 15, one week after Will of Power's release, they'll embark on a trek through Eastern Europe, with support from Ukranian groove metal outfit Jinjer on most dates. Europen and North America legs will follow, although the band has yet to offer specific details regarding dates, cities, or venues.

July 06 – Ballenstedt, Germany – Rock Harz Festival
July 07 – Viveiro, Spain – Resurrection Fest
July 12 – Dunaújváros, Hungary – Rockmarathon
July 15 – Gavle, Sweden – Gefle Metal Festival
Aug. 04 – Snina, Slovakia – Rock Pod Kamenom Festival
Aug. 05 – Ostrava, Czech Republic – Ostrave v Plamenech
Aug. 07 – Majano, Italy – Festival Di Majano
Aug. 08 – Dornbirn, Austria – Conrad Sohm
Aug. 10 – Villena, Spain – Leyendas Del Rock
Aug. 11 – Vagos, Portugal – Vagos Metal Fest
Aug. 12 – Leeuwarden, The Netherlands – Into The Grave
Aug. 13 – Walton-On-Trent, UK – Bloodstock Open Air
Sept. 15 – Innsbruck, Austria – Music Hall *
Sept. 16 – Linz, Austria – Posthof *
Sept. 17 – Ljubljana, Slovenia – Cvetlicarna *
Sept. 18 – Belgrade, Serbia – Dom Omladine *
Sept. 20 – Bucharest, Romania – Quantic Club Open Air Stage *
Sept. 21 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Universiada Hall *
Sept. 22 – Athens, Greece – Piraeus 117 Academy *
Sept. 23 – Thessaloniki, Greece – Principal Club Theater *
Sept. 25 – Bratislava, Slovakia – Majestic Music Club *
Sept. 26 – Warsaw, Poland – Progresja *
Sept. 27 – Vilnius, Lithuania – Loftas *
Sept. 29 – Riga, Latvia – Melna Piektdiena *
Sept. 30 – Tallinn, Estonia – Rock Café *
Oct. 01 – Helsinki, Finland – The Circus
Oct. 03 – Minsk, Belarus – Re:Public
Oct. 04 – St. Petersburg, Russia – Aurora
Oct. 06 – Novosibirsk, Russia – Otdyh
Oct. 08 – Yekaterinburg, Russia – Tele Club
Oct. 10 – Moscow, Russia – Yotaspace
Oct. 11 – Samara, Russia – Zvezda

screen shot

Amon Amarth have unveiled an epic visual for "The Way of Vikings," off last year's record Jomsviking. Directed by Polish production studio Grupa 13 (who previously oversaw videos for the album's singles "First Kill" and "Dawn's First Light"), the cinematic clip pays homage to the 1920's crime drama "Peaky Blinders." Here, in the seedy underbelly of Birmingham, England, the five-piece — clad in dapper period garb, as opposed to their typical all-black attire — serve up the sountrack to a grueling, bloody cage match. As Amon Amarth tear through the Jomsviking highlight in a boxing gym, we see a litany of shady characters (gamblers, grifters, gentlemen and gangsters), and of course, one hell of a fight, complete with slow-motion action sequences. (Alas, the band don't get in on the brawl.) Watch below.

Amon Amarth's latest video arrives one day before they hit the road for another run of shows behind Jomsviking. The trek kicks off in their native Sweden, with an appearance at Gefle Metal Festival. From there, they'll head out to play Chicago Open Air festival (the only North American date on their itinerary) before finishing the leg in Europe and the U.K.

Jul. 14 - Gavle, Sweden - Gefle Metal Festival
Jul. 16 - Chicago, IL - Chicago Open Air
Jul. 25 - Tolmin, Slovenia - Metaldays Festival
Jul. 27 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Theatre Club
Jul. 29 - Istanbul, Turkey - Rock Off Festival
Aug. 02 - Vienna, Austria - Jolly Roger Festival
Aug. 04 - Kostrzyn nad Odra, Poland - Przystanek Woodstock
Aug. 05 - Wacken, Germany - Wacken Open Air
Aug. 06 - Colmar, France - Foire Aux Vins
Aug. 07 - Majano (Udine), Italy - City Festival
Aug. 09 - Villena, Spain - Leyendas Del Rock
Aug. 11 - Derbyshire, UK - Bloodstock Open Air
Aug. 12 - Leeuwarden, Netherlands - Into The Grave
Aug. 13 - Kortrijk, Belgium - Alcatraz Festival
Aug. 17 - Dinkelsbuhl, Germany - Summer Breeze
Aug. 18 - Moravsky Krumlov, Czech Republic - Rock Heart Festival
Aug. 19 - Zvolen, Slovakia - More Than Fest
Aug. 21 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Earshaker Day
Aug. 23 - Budapest, Hungary - Barba Negra Open Air Show
Aug. 25 - Giessen, Germany - Kultursommer
Aug. 26 - Sulingen, Germany - Reload Festival
Aug. 28 - Kiev, Russia - Sentrum
Aug. 29 - Minsk, Russia - Re:Public
Aug. 30 - St. Petersburg, Russia - A2
Aug. 31 - Krasnodar, Russia - Arena Hall
Sept. 02 - Yekaterinburg, Russia - Tele Club
Sept. 04 - Samara, Russia - Zvezda
Sept. 05 - Moscow, Russia - Yotaspace