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This All-Black Fashion Subscription Service Is Being Called "The Goth Birchbox"

LOT's monthly offerings range from tees and toothbrushes to all-black tattoo guns
LOT screenshot, LOT
photograph by LOT

Online box subscriptions are an effective, fun way of keeping your closet and accessories up-to-date, provided you're willing to put up with the high price tag and put your faith in the "curators." If you can wear it, there's probably a box for it — there are services providing cheeky underwear (Trunk Club), fancy watches (Watch Gang), shaving supplies (Birchbox) and gym wear (Under Armour's Armourbox), just to name a few.

The most metal of these brands, however, is LOT, a monthly, all-black fashion subscription service founded last month by Russian industrial designer Vadik Marmeladov. For $49 a month, the company will supply you with a selection of socks, tees, pants, underwear, sweaters, housewares and more, in the only color that matters. An extra $50 nets you a special accessory or "self-care product," such as a toothbrush, lotion — or a black tattoo gun! There's also a free, zine-esque "digital plan," featuring media from LOT contributors, while on the other side of the pricing spectrum is the $299-a-month package containing unspecified "team-only" accessories, which has already sold out.

Keeping the aforementioned details in mind — as well as the dramatic press shots, which look like stills from your typical post-metal music video — we can't say we're surprised that GQ's dubbed LOT the "Goth Birchbox." The first shipment's still a month or so out, so we'll have to wait and see if it lives up to that bold claim.