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Follow Lars Through Making of Metallica's "Enter Night" Pilsner in New Doc

"Goddamn, that's drinkable!"

Following the announcement of their new "Enter Night" pilsner yesterday, Metallica have released a new mini-documentary about the beer's collaborative creation with Arrogant Consortia, an imprint of Stone Brewing. Following Stone Brewing's co-founder Greg Koch as he interacts with the band leading up to the beer's release, the video focuses heavily on drummer Lars Ulrich's involvement with the drink, from visiting his homeland of Denmark with the brewmaster to a late-night drinking session in Ulrich's San Francisco home where the tipsy duo wax poetic on the beer's taste. "Goddamn, that's drinkable!" exclaims a visibly intoxicated Ulrich as the two introduce a series of products from the brewing company. The quote serves as a running joke from there on out.

Backstage before a Metallica show, the two wander the venue's hallways and stumble upon a group of fans who've snatched up all the promotional cans of Enter Night and shout in excitement upon seeing their percussive idol emerge from the crowd. The final scene shows Ulrich and Koch back in San Francisco with Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, testing Enter Night and some random industrial beers, with Trujillo claiming, "This is really great" after tasting the finished product. A final solidified catchphrase, "Goddamn," is spoken by the two stars before the doc fades to black.