Hear Mike Patton Talk Scoring Movies, 'Star Wars,' Slasher Films on 'Murmur' Podcast | Revolver

Hear Mike Patton Talk Scoring Movies, 'Star Wars,' Slasher Films on 'Murmur' Podcast

Plus, check out Patton's eerie song from Netflix adaptation of Stephen King's '1922'
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One year after its on-screen debut, Mike Patton's chilling score for the Netflix adaptation of Stephen King's 1922 is finally getting a physical release. Arriving July 20th via the musician's own Ipecac records, 1922 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) marks the Faith No More frontman's fourth score for a full-length movie; Patton previously scored the films Crank: High Voltage (2009), The Solitude of Prime Numbers (2010) and The Place Beyond the Pines (2012).

Ahead of the OST's release date, Patton has shared high-quality audio of the release's closing track, "Sweetheart Bandits 2: 'We All Get Caught.'" Listen below. Patton's 1922 score can be pre-ordered now on CD, digital and "hardwood" colored vinyl formats via Bandcamp.

Adapted from King's 131-page thriller and featuring the talents of Thomas Jane (Boogie Nights, The Punisher), Molly Parker (House of Cards) and others, 1922 follows the unraveling of Wilfred James, a Nebraska man who kills his wife with the help of his son, only to be driven to insanity by what he believes is her ghost. It's streaming on Netflix now.

Patton discussed his 1922 score in an hour-long interview with The Modern School of Film's "Murmur" podcast, where the musical polymath revealed how his boyhood trips to the movie theater portended his future work as a scorer. "I grew up in a really small town," the Eureka, California, native says. "Movies were, to me, like a way out. It was an escape valve. I remember having my parents drop me off at movies all the time. It would be slasher films like Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker ... Star Wars was one of those, as well."

"I go back and look at it, like — what was I thinking?" he continued. "I think a part of it, actually, [was that this] was before I was a 'musician,' I think what I was doing was listening more than watching. So really, my first experience with film was more auditory than visual."

Earlier this month, Patton's hardcore supergroup Dead Cross released a surprise self-titled EP. They'll be on the road in North America and Europe through mid-July. Find a full itinerary here.