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Watch Insane Metal-Inspired Ramen Commercial Starring Chicken Demon

Instant noodles just got a lot more cvlt thanks to Chikin Ramen's new advertisement

Nissin Foods, the company behind Top Ramen, Cup Noodles, and other beloved sodium bombs, have unveiled an amazing new ad for their classic Chikin Ramen — and it's metal as fuck. The spot finds the brand's adorable mascot Hiyoko-chan participating in an arcane, ramen-inspired ritual that transforms him into the bird demon Caym. Drawing on the powers of dark magic and boiling water, he creates a new world, not to mention a tasty meal.

The 31-second spot's cvlt aesthetics don't end there. Describing the ad in an interview with Japanese paranormal magazine Monthly Mu, the company revealed that Hiyoko-chan takes part in the ritual to satiate his craving for perfection, with his demonic alter-ego acting as a a metaphor for humanity's primal rage (or rather, hangriness), reports Anime News Network. "Fusion also leads to chaos, but harmony beyond that fosters growth, evolution," reads the band's website (per ANN's translation). "By receiving Kimura's [the statue seen at the beginning of the ad's] revelation, our table can be further evolved."

Instant ramen has never sounded so badass.

It's worth pointing out that Nissin Foods has nodded to metal culture in past commercials. Back in 2016, the company released an explosive, black metal-themed ad promoting microwavable instant curry. Check that out below.