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Pantera Announce Limited-Edition 'Cowboys From Hell' Collectible Statues

Phil Anselmo, Dimebag Darrell, Vinnie Paul, Rex Brown receive hand-painted Rock Iconz tributes by KnuckleBonz
pantera-1993-paul-natkin.jpg, Paul Natkin / Getty Images
Pantera, Chicago, March 4, 1993
photograph by Paul Natkin / Getty Images

Pantera broke up in 2003 and since have lost half the founding members that helped make them a worldwide heavy metal sensation, with Dimebag Darrell's murder in 2004 and his brother Vinnie Paul's death in 2018 from heart disease. To commemorate the impact they had on the music scene and fans alike, the group has joined forces with the company KnuckleBonz, who make high-end collectibles, to release the Cowboys From Hell collection of four Pantera Rock Iconz statues.

Sold separately or together in a four-pack, the 1/9-scale statues showcase the group in their prime as they appeared performing onstage: Rex Brown and Dimebag wielding guitars, singer Phil Anselmo with mic and Paul holding his drumsticks. The statues are currently still in production and are expected to ship out this fall. Each figure is hand-crafted and comes with a certificate of authenticity, with only 3,000 pieces of each member being produced.

KnuckleBonz Pantera Rock Iconz Set

Separately, the statues will set you back a cool $149, but if you choose to buy the whole band, you get a discounted rate of $499. KnuckleBonz doesn't set strict times on when the figures will ship, but instead choose to take their time with each release saying "quality is always our first priority." Other rock stalwarts they've released in the past include King Diamond, Alice Cooper, Ghost, Megadeth, Guns N' Roses, Kiss, Motörhead, Rob Zombie, and many more. 

Pre-order the Pantera statues here