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See Corey Taylor, Rob Zombie, M. Shadows, More Talk Therapeutic Power of Metal

Star-studded doc 'Long Live Rock' to take deep dive into heavy-metal fandom
Stone Sour's Corey Taylor, 2017
photograph by MICHAEL CAMPANELLA/Redferns

Jonathan McHugh is taking a deep dive into hard-rock and heavy-metal fandom with a new, crowdfunded documentary called Long Live Rock ... Celebrate the Chaos. The film, currently in production, features exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in the scene — including Lars Ulrich, Rob Zombie, Corey Taylor, M. Shadows, Tom Morello, Jonathan Davis and more — as well as the fans, personnel, radio personalities supporting them at festivals like Rock on the Range and Aftershock.

"When that crowd is ready to pop, and you can feel it, louder than you are through the PA system, there's nothing better than that," Taylor remarks in a new trailer for the documentary, which finds the Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman and others (including current Ohio governor and 2016 presidential candidate John Kasich, and Dr. Drew Pinsky, in the two most random cameos of the year) sharing insights on the therapeutic benefits of metal. Watch now, and support the documentary through its official Pledgemusic campaign.

McHugh outlines the premise of Long Live Rock on the associated Pledgemusic page, describing it as a celebration of chaotic art. "Growing up in Staten Island, NY as a kid sneaking into Madison Square Garden to see legends Black Sabbath, KISS & Led Zeppelin, there was only one type of music for me," he writes. "I was lucky to fall into the music business doing radio promotion at Elektra Records in the early 90's where I met Long Live Rock producer Gary Spivack, and here we are once again championing this music we both adore so much. Long Live Rock is a celebration of the chaos that makes this music and its fans simply the best in the world. I'm so proud to be part of this beautiful madness and I really hope you — the true fan — will help support our mission to bring the hard rock culture back into the mainstream, just like when I was a kid sneaking into MSG."