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See Disturbing Full Trailer for Alice in Chains' New Sci-Fi Movie 'Black Antenna'

90-minute episodic film will accompany tracks from Seattle band's 2018 album 'Rainier Fog'

After releasing a teaser back in December, Alice in Chains have finally dropped a full trailer for the upcoming Black Antenna, a 90-minute independent sci-fi film inspired by the grunge rockers' 2018 chart-topping album Rainer Fog.

The teaser gave us clues as to what would go down in the bone-chilling film, from the white goo that oozes from characters' wounds to the eerie neon green and shadowy lighting that hints at something sinister to come. In the full trailer, the dead-eyed villain makes himself apparent by spewing hateful comments such as, "There's no place for immigrant trash like you here" to a mysterious man with apparently supernatural abilities to hide people inside his own body. 

The politically charged spooks don't stop there though, and the manic preacher-like lead continues reciting his hellish monologue while guts are spilled, a naked woman covered in the white liquid lies terrified on what looks like the floor of a garage, then a featureless humanoid figure is seen writhing painfully on fire, trying desperately to escape a huge ball of flames behind it. Madness and horror are the themes to intrigue here, and director Adam Mason has provided both in abundance.

The film will arrive in 10 episodic segments that correlate with each song from Rainer Fog starting with the first and second installments on March 7th. Pick up a copy of the album (if you haven't already) at this location, and check out AIC when they hit the road with nu-metal overlords Korn later this year for what's shaping up to be the must-see show of the summer.