See Dr. Rockzo get loaded in bonkers new 'METALOCALYPSE' movie teaser | Revolver

See Dr. Rockzo get loaded in bonkers new 'METALOCALYPSE' movie teaser

'Army of the Doomstar' features a cocaine-fueled party in the sky

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The long-awaited new Metalocalypse movie, Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar, is fast-approaching, and Adult Swim have just released another insane teaser from the film. 

Unlike the previous clips, this one is centered around the cocaine-loving Dr. Rockzo and his degenerate concept of heaven.

In the hilariuos preview, Dr. Rockzo preaches a psychedelic sermon about the party that awaits us all in the sky. The teaser even shows a clown-nosed God snorting mountains of celestial cocaine while he's partying with the rest of the angels. Check out the insane and eerily beautiful clip above.

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