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See Kevin Bacon Do 'Footloose' Dance in Immolation Shirt

"I'll hit the ceiling/Or else I'll tear up this town"
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Apparently, New York death-metal stalwarts Immolation are way less than six degrees from Kevin Bacon. For those not in the know, the ubiquitous actor's son, Travis Bacon, is a die-hard metalhead with bands like CONTRACULT Collective, Black Anvil and White Widows Pact on his resume. So it's not surprising that Bacon might be at least aware of an extreme-metal group like Immolation. But rocking one of their shirts? In a Twitter video of him recreating some Footloose choreography with wife Kyra Sedgwick? C'mon.

Even better, the shirt in question appears to be a pretty brutal one, titled "Choking Angel" — because, you know, there's an image of an angel being choked by a demon on its front — with backprint that reads, "The Wicked Shall Overcome Us." It looks like they have.