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See Mayhem Sink Into Bloody, Church-Burning Madness in New 'Lords of Chaos' Trailer

Controversial story of 90s Norwegian black-metal scene arrives in theaters on February 8th

The countdown to the release of Lords of Chaos is edging closer to completion, and a new extended trailer reveals a deeper look at the interplay between Rory Culkin's Euronymous, the main character, and his foil in the dramatic story (and real-life murderer), a young Varg Vikernes played by Emory Cohen.

Much like the actual happenings of the story, the clip shows the young Norwegian black metal scene in its infancy, when the members creating it were into "having fun, drinking beer, [and] playing hard and loud music" as narrated by Culkin's character. Amid the chaos and envelope-pushing theatrics where Mayhem singer Dead cuts himself on stage, a darker underbelly lies and bubbles over with the introduction of Varg. The dark, violent character brings an air of pure evil with him, and trouble between him and Euronymous starts to brew in a church-burning scene where the two seem to push one another further into extremes. 

The ante is upped and upped throughout the trailer, each action by the characters seemingly more intense trying to out-do one another for the glory of wreaking havoc on their quiet part of the world. Sky Ferreira shows up as Euronymous' girlfriend Ann-Marit, camera in hand playing the passionate sidekick to the madness absorbing her partner and their peer group. 

Lords of Chaos hits theaters February 8th, with an on-demand release coming shortly after on February 22nd. Find tickets on the movie's official site