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See Tenacious D Take Hilarious Hot-Wing Challenge, Talk Kanye West, Josh Homme

Plus Jack Black and Kyle Gass end fiery 'Hot Ones' video with an impromptu performance

Rock comedy duo Tenacious D have been making the rounds to promote their latest album and web series, Post-Apocalypto, and somehow ended up in the literal hot seat on chicken-wing challenge web series "Hot Ones," an offshoot of the First We Feast YouTube channel. Jack Black and Kyle Gass start off innocently enough with some tasty chicken soaked in sauce that registers low on the Scoville scale while the interviewer questions them on everything from their worst gig ever to compliments they've received from eccentric rapper Kanye West. 

One opening question catches Gass off guard as host Sean Evans asks, "Is it true you couldn't stand Jack when you met him in the late 80s?" Gass says he didn't hate Black, but admits he found the singer's talent and success intimidating: "I was threatened by Jack... He was younger than me, but he seemed already...something special." Before Black butts in to deadpan, "That's how all great friendships begin."

The twosome then elaborate on Kanye West's praise for them, noting it is slightly less impressive since West also backs Donald Trump. They manage to answer questions as increasingly spicy wings are served, though the answers do tend to stray off a direct path once the heat really gets pumping. Watch the full video above, and check out behind-the-scenes footage below for a full rundown of the hilarious, somewhat sadistic interview by the recipients themselves.