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See Terrifying Viral Jumpscare Teaser for 'The Nun'

New 'Conjuring' spinoff shocking YouTube viewers with twisted ad

Remember the primitive days of the internet, where a friend would send you a link to a "cool maze game" that would seem simple enough, but would lead to a jump scare featuring the girl in The Exorcist? That spirit of old internet is alive and well in a new promotional video from upcoming Conjuring spinoff The Nun, which stars a character that Slayer's Kerry King love so much that his birthday cake came in her likeness. The scare in question is hidden in what looks to be a pre-roll YouTube ad that makes it appear like your volume is being turned down (if you're on an Apple device), encouraging users naturally want to turn their volume up. After a few seconds of adjusting, the titular Nun's horrifying face screams into view, before the ad informs you as to when the movie is coming out (September 7th). It's pretty damn effective advertising, and we pray to god we stumble onto this clip again while browsing YouTube in the middle of the night.

In more Nun news, the first TV spot for the film has been released. See the 30-second teaser below.