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'Terminator: Dark Fate': See Linda Hamilton, Schwarzenegger Return in New Trailer

Original characters reunite in latest franchise reboot from 'Deadpool' director Tim Miller, producer James Cameron

Fans haven't seen Linda Hamilton in a Terminator film since 1991's second installment of the franchise, Judgment Day. But her stunning return as Sarah Connor is on full display in a teaser trailer for the latest story in the series, Terminator: Dark Fate, which is meant to be a direct sequel to the first two films.

The new Dark Fate clip sees Connor emerge with a huge gun to protect a mysterious young woman-machine hybrid named Grace from a liquid metal Terminator with terrifying morphing abilities and its sights set on killing. A violent car-chase battle between Grace and her stalker kick off the teaser, with the clutch moment coming when a slow pan-up shot reveals Hamilton's character in all her sunglasses-wearing, rock-star assassin glory.

"Who are you?" demands Grace in the next scene, just after Connor has saved her. "My name is Sarah Connor," she responds. "I've never seen one like you before. Almost human." 

A montage of brutal fight scenes with a voiceover conversation between the two main characters ensues, and the newly formed posse heads for the safest location possible: the home of Arnold Schwarzenegger's original character, T-800 Model 101. A world war has broken out between the new breed of hybrids and Terminators, and hopefully with a little help, the good guys will come out on top again. 

Terminator: Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by James Cameron, hits theaters November 1st.