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Watch Bruce Dickinson Design, Taste Iron Maiden's New Beer

Iconic frontman takes behind-the-brew look at new "Hallowed" ale

Iron Maiden have teamed up with Robinsons Brewery to unleash "Hallowed," a limited-edition, Belgian-style beer inspired by the pioneering NWOBHM band. With Oktoberfest officially upon us, the ale is currently being rolled out at select pubs and beer stores around the world. To celebrate the brew's arrival, Iron Maiden have shared a short video starring frontman Bruce Dickinson that takes a behind-the-scenes look at how Hallowed came to be.The clip places a particularly strong emphasis on the beer's Britain-meets-Belgium flavor profile, the end result of Robinsons and Dickinson's painstaking attention to gastronomic detail (and by detail, we mean yeast). Naturally, it concludes with the frontman enjoying the fruits of his libational labors.

Check it out above, and head over to the official Hallowed website for a list of participating vendors; the beer can also be obtained directly through Robinsons' online shop. Iron Maiden are no strangers to the brewery — Hallowed is the fourth beer to pour forth from Iron Maiden's collaborations with the British beer purveyors. They previously teamed with Robinsons for the Trooper, which has sold 15 million bottles over the past four years, the Trooper 666 and the Red N' Black.