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Watch Tenacious D's Jack Black Pick "Most Metal Album Cover Ever"

Iron Maiden, Dio, Amon Amarth and others in the running

Jack Black was a guest on daily morning talk show Good Mythical MORE recently and joined the program's two decidedly un-metal hosts Rhett and Link in determining the "most metal album cover ever." Choosing between a lineup that featured Amon Amarth, Dio, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Molly Hatchet and Wretched, the three analyzed the artwork and looked for hessian touchstone like Satan or beasts in his likeness, Frank Frazetta–inspired fantasy scenarios featuring robust warriors and stacked babes, and the more modern trope of body horror and gore.

While the hosts seem fairly clueless in the video above about the genre and its imagery, Black breaks down some of the themes for them and eventually chooses Dio's Holy Diver artwork, crediting its win to the "long-distance runner Satan who's using the chain and the magic powers to kill the priest." 

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