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Young Love, Alien Karate: See Part 7 of Alice in Chains' 'Black Antenna' Film

Latest episode of sci-fi horror movie ratchets up tension, bonding between characters

The seventh installment of Alice in Chains' 10-part sci-fi movie Black Antenna dropped earlier today, May 23rd, and while the search is still on to capture the main characters — Alpha and his daughter Beta — the plot focus shifts temporarily to the dynamics between parent and child, as well as human to human, for this segment, which is soundtracked by the Rainier Fog song "Maybe." 

Like any teenager, Beta is tempted to escape the confines of parental control and continues venturing out with a new friend to see how far she can push those boundaries. Alpha's stern and confused reaction reveals an anthropomorphizing happening in tandem between the characters, with his growing empathy exhibited in a seemingly unrelated scene involving a Holocaust survivor remembering those she lost. 

Beta is also pushing the limits of her hybrid existence, forming a bond with a young human around her age but showing off her alien abilities in a scene where she "learns" to fight. Her father comes looking for her and ends the fun, punctuated by a harsh chiding by her friend's aunt when she discovers the two teens hanging out alone in her apartment. 

All the while, the agents who've searched for Alpha and Beta to take down "their kind" are hot on the trail, attempting to capture the two before they're able to contact their family elsewhere in the universe and transport them to Earth. Watch the full episode above, and check below to catch up on any you may have missed.