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Metallica Set to Play 2022 Global Citizen Festival

Alongside popstars like the Jonas Brothers, Mariah Carey and Charlie Puth
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The Global Citizen advocacy organization has announced its lineup for the 10th edition of their annual music festival series, and this year, the New York edition of the fest has a very heavy headliner. Alongside popstars ranging from Mariah Carey and the Jonas Brothers to Rosalía and Charlie Puth, the event taking place in Central Park on September 24th will also feature the thrash styling of Metallica.

While the Bay Area metal titans are clearly the outlier on the bill, their recent surge in popularity thanks to "Master of Puppets" being included in season four of Stranger Things has renewed their presence in the mainstream pop culture zeitgeist, so it actually makes a lot of sense that they're performing at this incredibly popular event that will be broadcasted on ABC, FX, Hulu, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Twitter, TimesLive, and more.

"We're honored to announce that we'll be a part of this year's #GlobalCitizenFestival in New York's Central Park as we take the stage to close out the show on Saturday, September 24th," Metallica wrote on social media. "We'll be joining Global Citizen in celebrating 10 years of impact, so take action NOW to help in the fight to #EndExtremePoverty." 

See the official announcement below.