AVENGED, QOTSA, SLEEP TOKEN and more star on covers of Summer 2023 Issue | Revolver

AVENGED, QOTSA, SLEEP TOKEN and more star on covers of Summer 2023 Issue

New print edition also features BABYMETAL, Kim Dracula and others
avenged sevenfold 2023 PROMO pantyhose 1, Brian Catelle
Avenged Sevenfold, 2023
photograph by Brian Catelle

Summer is almost here, and it's no time to play it safe. In this apocalyptic age — with pandemics, climate change and nuclear annihilation hanging over our heads, with AI challenging what it even means to be human, there's no point in holding back. Artists, in particular, need to be bold, and we as audience members are hungrier than ever for the thrill of something unexpected, unhinged and daring. Shit that shakes us. Shit that isn't algorithmic.

Our new Summer Issue celebrates fearless artists going for broke: Avenged Sevenfold, Queens of the Stone Age, Sleep Token, BABYMETAL and one other band soon to be named appear on the issue's collectible covers, with many more risk-taking heavy-music iconoclasts inside.

You can pre-order the magazine now along with special limited-edition collector's bundles, featuring exclusive vinyl, art prints and more, at our shop.

kimdracula_credit_travisshinn.jpg, Travis Shinn
Kim Dracula, Los Angeles, 2023
photograph by Travis Shinn

Five Artists You Need to Know
Tasmanian TikTok star Kim Dracula, Bizkit-approved punks Militarie Gun, U.K. mathcore breakouts Pupil Slicer, Texas' hottest "caveman death-metal band" Frozen Soul and rising LIHC crew Pain of Truth


Avenged Sevenfold
After two decades of dominance, the O.C. metal titans were ready to expand their sound and minds. They dove into absurdism and psychedelic "toad venom" — and emerged with their wildest album yet.


Sleep Token
No interviews. No known identities. No escape from a deity called Sleep. How Vessel's cryptic U.K. outfit became an alt-metal phenomenon.


Queens of the Stone Age
Josh Homme felt "chained to the floor" after years of personal challenges. He broke free with a cathartic new album — and a resolute hope for the future.


Tobias Forge confronts true blasphemy with his new covers EP and previews the exciting next chapter of his occult-rock band


The Acacia Strain
Plagued by existential anxiety, Vincent Bennett found relief by writing two albums at the same time. But first, his deathcore crew had to unlearn "what we had been taught to do."


Dave Lombardo
Slayer's co-founder reflects on his incredible journey: from escaping communist Cuba to becoming thrash's greatest drummer


Sick New World
Nu-metal true believers invaded Las Vegas for the most quirked-up festival of the year


The kawaii-metal firebrands "opened a new door" into interdimensional creativity. It led to their most personal album yet — and a triumphant return to their trio form.

Plus, original artwork by David Seidman inspired by Avenged Sevenfold's catalog, from Sounding the Seventh Trumpet to Life Is but a Dream…, "fantastic audio fuel that feeds my creativity."