Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson Appear on Covers of Revolver's "Attitude" Issue | Revolver

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson Appear on Covers of Revolver's "Attitude" Issue

New print edition comes with multiple collectible covers, includes stories on Denzel Curry, Sunn O))), Brutus and more
mansonzombiefeatured_Credit_TravisShinn.jpg, Travis Shinn
photograph by Travis Shinn

The so-called "rock & roll attitude" too often and too easily turns into cheap posturing and rock-star cliché. Anyone can throw up a middle finger, get tattoos, party hard and trash a hotel room, shout "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me" at high volume. Not just anyone can live and breathe rock & roll's rebel spirit and do so in their own distinct, individual way. Attitude isn't everything — you know, shit like talent, vision, work ethic and a little bit of luck are also key for any artist — but when it's authentic, it is a powerful thing. And when it's embodied by genuine iconoclasts, it's genuinely inspiring.

Our Apr/May "Attitude" issue hits newsstands on May 14th — but you can grab the Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson duo cover, the Zombie solo cover, the Manson solo cover, a bundle of all three covers, a limited-edition Rob Zombie silkscreen slipcase and a limited-edition Marilyn Manson silkscreen slipcase now.

brutus_credit_evavlonk.jpg, Eva Vlonk
Brutus, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017
photograph by Eva Vlonk

Five Artists You Need to Know Now
Belgian post-hardcore buzz band Brutus, U.K. metallic hardcore troupe Employed to Serve, banjo-wielding NYHC trio Show Me the Body, Iceland's "heaviest band" Une Misère and cheeky alt-rockers Puppy

Denzel Curry
The rage, hustle and vision of hip-hop's "Black Metal Terrorist"


Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson
Before their "Hell Never Dies" summer tour, Revolver caught up with the Twins of Evil to get some clear-eyed wisdom on the subject of attitude


Melanie Gaydos
Growing up, her rare genetic disorder made her feel like "an alien." Today, channeling the defiant spirit of bands like Rammstein and Behemoth, she's a world-famous model fighting to change society's standards of beauty.

The Crow Soundtrack
For the film's 25th anniversary, we look back at the anti-Singles of its time and the outsider mixtape of forever

Sunn O)))
21 years of abstraction, vomit and life metal


Goat Worship
From Venom's Welcome to Hell to Slipknot's Iowa — the goat represents the tenacious, IDGAF attitude of heavy metal better than any other animal, and perhaps no other photographer has spent more time capturing their image than R. J. Kern. We present some of his most striking photographs.

Frank Carter
From Gallows to the Rattlesnakes, he's a swaggering punk lifer and one of rock's most electrifying frontmen. But his real strength is his willingness to embrace weakness.

Plus, original biro and watercolor artwork by Jeremy Hush (Skeletonwitch, Black Tusk, Kylesa) inspired by the James O'Barr comic The Crow and the movie's "epic soundtrack"