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Battlecross' Hiran Deraniyagala Picks Favorite Slipknot Song

"It was just so heavy and intense, it made me hungry for heavier and more intense bands"

Slipknot are a true metal juggernaut. They've been through it all, but they will not be stopped. From their self-titled debut to their latest offering, We Are Not Your Kind, they've defined not only a sound but also a lifestyle — their diehard, worldwide following of Maggots testifies to that. Among that following you can count many fellow musicians, who have been inspired and influenced by the Nine's trailblazing vision and career. Battlecross guitarist Hiran Deraniyagala is one of those fans. Below, he sounds off on his favorite Slipknot song.


"My favorite Slipknot song is 'Surfacing.' I love the beginning to that song, in particular. It has such an eerie vibe that leads into a great buildup that you know is going to explode. As soon as Corey screams 'Fuck you all!' — it's complete insanity! I think that was one of their heaviest songs and probably still is. The first time I heard it was at Ozzfest '99 when they played the second stage. I remember seeing pictures of them online, but there wasn't any music up yet. This was before their first album was out. When I saw them play live, I was speechless. I couldn't believe the chaos that was going on that stage with nine members wearing crazy fucking masks and screaming and headbanging. I was blown away. Seeing them play live was inspiring because I knew that if I was ever going to be in a band, I would want it to be just as heavy and intense, if not more, not only on record, but including stage performance. Around the time that they hit, I was listening to bands like Korn, Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit — embarrassing, I know — and when I heard this song, it was just so heavy and intense that I wanted more. They made me hungry for heavier and more intense bands. I'd have to say I owe them some credit for getting me into death and grind."