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Bikers, Vans, Rebel Teens: Fu Manchu Singer Picks 5 Movies That Inspired Lyrics

Scott Hill talks source material behind SoCal stoner crew's early jams including "Don't Bother Knockin' (If This Van's Rockin')," "Pick-Up Summer," more
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Courtesy of Fu Manchu

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For three decades Fu Manchu leader Scott Hill has been chasing the riff. His hard-charging mission to crank out the jams has resulted in 12 full-length albums — from early fan favorites like The Action Is Go and Godzilla's/Eatin' Dust to their recent 2018 offering Clone of the Universe — of top-notch riff-rock that have secured his SoCal crew's spot at the forefront of the stoner scene.

Hill's extra-musical activities have remained pretty on-brand as well: he still loves surfing and skating and digs his muscle cars. He also still enjoys a good bad 70s movie to get his creative juices flowing — just like he did back when Fu were writing their earliest singles, like "Don't Bother Knockin' (If This Van's Rockin')," "Pick-Up Summer" and "Vankhana (Rollin' Rooms" (which appear on the band's Return to Earth 1991 - 1993 comp).

"In the very early years of Fu Manchu we would set up and practice in our parents' living rooms and garages until the police would come by and tell us to stop because a neighbor complained about the noise," Hill tells us. "After practice would be over, we would usually hang out, grab King Cobra beers, maybe pizza and watch the worst best movies to get inspiration for lyrics to the songs on our Return to Earth 1991-1993 release that is comprised of our early singles from those years. Our main source of lyrical inspiration came from van / party / biker movies."

Below are Hill's five favorite flicks from that era, which run the gamut from insane van-racing adventures and rebel-teen tales to a legit 70s skate gem starring legendary skater Tony Alva (who was featured on the cover of Fu's The Action Is Go). The singer does have one caveat, though: listeners should "never look to Fu Manchu for any deep lyrical meaning!"

The Van (1977)

Pick-Up Summer (1980)

Supervan (1977)

Over the Edge (1979)

Skateboard (1978)