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Fu Manchu's Scott Hill Picks 5 Great Slow Jams

Riff-rock leader shares playlist for kicking his El Camino in low gear
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For three-plus decades Scott Hill has been having a pretty damn good time cranking out jams with his long-running Cali riff-rock outfit Fu Manchu — and spending as much time as possible surfing, skating and basically living the SoCal dream.

Fu songs like "Evil Eye," "Eatin' Dust," "Godzilla," "Mongoose" and more have not only secured his band a spot among the genre's best acts — they've become essential inclusions on all types of adrenaline-fueled playlists: from skate sessions and snowboard runs to surf trips, muscle-car rallies and beyond.

When it comes to soundtracking his own action-sports adventures, we know what Hill cranks when it's time to hop on his skateboard. He's also got a burner of a playlist for driving fast. But, being Cali and all, it's not always wide-open lanes — so he's got a choice mix for gridlock too.

Below, Hill shares his five favorite "mellower" tunes to play when "traffic is tight" — and it's time to kick his 1968 Chevy El Camino into low gear.

Doobie Brothers "Takin' It to the Streets" - Takin' It to the Streets

This song would get played a lot when I was a kid driving around with my parents. I think I associate it with cruising around town and it just seems like the perfect mellower song to drive to. It gets kind of gets heavy in the chorus part, but still laid-back. Driving around Huntington Beach as a youngster with this blaring in the car, windows down …

Muddy Waters "Mannish Boy" - Hard Again

This is mellow yet heavy at the same time. Love everything about this song: voice, drum beat, the riff — and the main thing I love is the yelling in the background … This song cruises along.

Bill Withers "Lovely Day" - Menagerie

I live down at the beach and it's slow going with everyone looking at the ocean while driving around, so this one makes sense. Not always in the greatest mood driving with the others on a single-lane coast highway, but it's hard to be bummed with this one playing.

Mogwai "Miscreants" - Kin Soundtrack

It's an instrumental song with great sounds and mainly a piano or keys driving this song. I play a lot of songs by this group when driving from San Clemente up to Long Beach on the coast highway. That's the route I take when I listen to mixes of Fu Manchu songs that we just recorded to check them out. I play this, or many songs by Mogwai, on the way back. Best in the winter months for this song.

Foghat "Slow Ride" - Fool for the City

No explanation for this one!