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Cane Hill's Elijah Witt: 5 Albums That Made Me

From Pantera to Letlive, the singer looks back on the records that changed his life
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NOLA metal crew Cane Hill are best known for their mosh-pit–ready ragers, but as fans know, the group has what the band members have described as a "weirder and mellower side." The quartet fully embraced that facet of its collective personality on January's mostly acoustic album, Kill the Sun, while its predecessor, Too Far Gone, indulged the group's heavier inclinations. It makes sense, then, considering Cane Hill's own sonic and emotional range, that frontman Elijah Witt's musical tastes should span a wide gamut. And it does, as evidenced by the five albums he highlights below for changing his life.

City & Colour - Little Hell (2011)

Dallas Green's introspection helped me look at my own life and question myself.

Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power (1992)

This album made me want Cane Hill to be the heaviest band in the world.

Disturbed - The Sickness (2000)


Nickelback - The Long Road (2003)

Say what you want — blah, blah, Nickelback sucks, blah, blah — this album is what my friend in middle school used to get me out of a country phase I never wanted to be in.

Letlive - Fake History (2010)

This album had a lot of songs that made me face the reality that I'm an atheist and I was just hanging onto my beliefs like a security blanket.