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CATTLE DECAPITATION's Travis Ryan picks 2 favorite metal bands

"I'm still stuck in the Eighties, man"
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Cattle Decapitation
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Over 27 years and eight albums — including 2023's TerrasiteCattle Decapitation have staked their place as leading creative forces in the world of extreme metal. Which makes frontman Travis Ryan something of an expert on the subject of heavy music.

That being the case, Ryan was recently asked during an appearance on the Sobre La Dosis podcast to select his two favorite metal bands of all time. The Cattle Decap vocalist didn't hesitate.

"Carcass — Symphonies of Sickness and Necroticism era – and Coroner," Ryan responded. "Those are my two favorites.

"I'm still stuck in the Eighties, man. I don't know what it is, late Eighties to the mid Nineties — those are the golden years of metal in my mind, as far as extreme metal [goes]. The transition over into extreme metal from lighter extreme forms, such as speed and thrash, over into death, grind, black metal. To me, that transitional period is key and important for the rest of our days in extreme metal."

Watch the full interview below. Terrasite is out now via Metal Blade.