'JACKASS' star STEVE-O: How SLAYER's 'Reign in Blood' changed my life | Revolver

'JACKASS' star STEVE-O: How SLAYER's 'Reign in Blood' changed my life

'Jackass' star couldn't integrate into "any sort of normal social circle" after hearing 1986 thrash opus
Steve-O Slayer reign in blood split

Steve-O is one of several lifelong metalheads in the Jackass crew, and he was recently asked by Metal Hammer to talk about a handful of records that changed his life — so naturally, some heavy-ass albums were mentioned. 

One of those was Slayer's 1986 thrash masterpiece, Reign in Blood, which Steve- O hailed when he was asked to pick a single album that defines what metal is to hand to a curious kid who's unfamiliar with the genre. 

"Fuck man, I guess I have to go with Reign In Blood," Steve-O said of the tough call. "It just got so real at that point. It's like when you go out on a piece of ice and it floats too far for you to be able to step back on dry land; I was definitely too far-gone to be integrated into any sort of normal social circle after hearing that album."

Same, Steve-O. Blast "Raining Blood" below just for the hell of it.