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CHAD GRAY picks favorite MUDVAYNE songs to play live

Deep cuts, fan faves and more
Mudvayne 2023 tour kickoff live 1600x900 Wilson, Kevin Wilson
photograph by Kevin Wilson

Mudvayne are back on the road again in a big way. Last year, the nu-metal mutants embarked on their first tour in a long 13 years, and this summer they've been spearheading the headlining Psychotherapy Sessions trek alongside Coal Chamber, GWAR and more.

Now that the recently reunited band are used to being up onstage again, we asked Mudvayne frontman Chad Gray to pick the songs that he most enjoys performing for the band's screaming fans.

From deeper cuts to longtime fan favorites, see all of Gray's choices below.

"Fish Out of Water"

"Fish Out of Water"'s pretty fucking rad live. We never played it [before this tour]. 

"A New Game"

We've been playing "A New Game," which we've only played a couple times outside of this tour. We just didn't really feel like it went over very well, honestly, because it's really fucking heavy. And it's going over great on this tour.

"Nothing to Gein"

"Nothing to Gein" is always one of my favorites. We did a big scream section at the end and stuff like that. It's on the album [2000's L.D. 50], so that's become a big-time fan favorite.

Even before we broke up or whatever, that was a big one, just because of that whole ending thing. That's just one of those songs where every night, I just fucking go down the rabbit hole and invite everyone to join me, so that's always fun.

"Not Falling"

We're opening with "Not Falling" right now. It's cool to open with a single. It just works. It's high energy and it's fun.