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Corey Taylor on Future Slipknot Music: "I've Got a Good Idea for a Double Concept Record"

Clown previously suggested the band might start releasing singles, not albums
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photograph by Azu Rodriguez

Having released their final album for Roadrunner Records, this year's THE END, SO FAR, Slipknot are kicking off a new chapter full of wide-open possibilities. In a recent interview with NME, percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan suggested that the band might start releasing one-off singles and EPs instead of full-length albums. But it sounds like singer Corey Taylor has other ideas.

During an appearance at the Monster-Mania Con in Oaks, Pennsylvania, this past weekend, Taylor was asked by a fan if he agrees with Clown's vision for shorter-form 'Knot releases, and the singer revealed much larger scale designs of his own — specifically, a possible double concept album.

"It's kind of difficult to get nine people on the same page anymore, especially we're old and dicks," Taylor responded, as transcribed by Blabbermouth. "But the cool thing is that we all still get excited about good ideas. [Guitarists] Jim [Root] and Mick [Thomson] are so good at writing music. Me and Clown work really well coming up with stuff together, V-Man [bassist Alessandro Venturella] is actually really good. So we've done so much in our career that at this point we could sit back and just do EPs. I mean, I've got a good idea for a double concept record with a whole storyline that goes along with it that I would love to do."

He continued, "But the cool thing is that we've kind of established our history, so whatever comes next will naturally be something that we want to do. So whether it's go in and just blast out a couple psycho tunes and just have fun doing that or we go in and do a very elaborate plan, like a storyline or something, either way it'll be something that we're really into. I back the group, you know? At this point, we've released so much music and we're off our label now, so sky's our limit; we can kind of do whatever we want. So whatever we do next will be something that we are all on the same page for, which is something you can't always say."