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Singer reportedly exits over "creative differences"
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photograph by Lindsey Byrnes

Dance Gavin Dance have announced they're once again parting with longtime vocalist Tilian Pearson, and this time it looks more permanent.

The California post-hardcore group formally announced the split across socials this morning (April 15th), noting that they will be forging ahead without Pearson, who first stepped away from the band in 2022 following accusations of sexual misconduct, which he had denied. Pearson returned to the band later that year after attending rehab to address substance abuse issues.

"Dance Gavin Dance has always attempted to reconcile situations internally. But, after much consideration, we have as a collective decided to say farewell to our long time member and friend, Tilian," the band explained in a post.

They continued: "We thank him for his years of friendship and contribution during his time in Dance Gavin Dance. As people grown and change, creative differences can arise and life path and goals may no longer align."

Pearson likewise announced the news in a post of his own, explaining that he "had an absolute blast making songs and albums with this group of unbelievably talented dudes for the past 12 years." He'll continue his solo career outside of DGD, explaining that he's currently working on his next album, with live shows to come.

Dance Gavin Dance's last album was 2022's Jackpot Juicer; Pearson last was 2021's Factory Reset.