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Dance Gavin Dance's Matt Mingus Picks 5 Amazing Live Albums

From Nirvana to Hendrix to Phil Collins, drummer tells stories behind favorite live records
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photograph by Lindsey Byrnes

Revolver has teamed with Dance Gavin Dance for exclusive vinyl variants of their latest studio record, Afterburner, and live album Tree City Sessions 2 . Quantities are extremely limited — get yours before they're gone!

Dance Gavin Dance have avoided genre traps ever since they emerged in 2007 with their debut album Downtown Battle Mountain. Throughout their 15-plus year career — up to and including their ninth and latest eclectic album Afterburner —  they've pushed the limits of their post-hardcore sound: infusing it with prog, pop, rap, Latin and more.

Fittingly, the Sacramento, California, band draws musical inspiration from a wide range of artists. For his part, when drummer Matt Mingus was asked what records changed his life, he came back with a diverse mix of bands: from Green Day to Deftones to Sigur Rós.

To celebrate the recent release of Dance Gavin Dance's third live album, Tree City Sessions 2, we asked Mingus to share the live records from other groups that most inspire him. Read the stories behind his picks below.

Nirvana - From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

As mentioned in my previous Revolver interview, this was one of my first exposures to rock as a child. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was in rotation a little more than the rest of the album. Also, before understanding how it all worked, I thought this was Nirvana's only album when I was like 6, which is really silly to me now. 

Dredg - Live at the Fillmore

Dredg has been an all-time favorite band of mine for a while. This set list most certainly contains all my favorite tracks and the audio mix is phenomenal. Not to mention The Fillmore in San Francisco is such an iconic venue, which makes it even more special.

Third Eye Blind - Summer Gods Tour Live 2017

These guys have always been a big influence on myself and my band Dance Gavin Dance. This was a 20-year anniversary tour they did in 2017. And the set list is just perfect. These guys still kill it after decades of touring and writing music. Do your ears a favor and check this one out.

The Phil Collins Big Band - A Hot Night In Paris

This is a super fun album. The only Phil Collins performance where the big band just carried the vocals on their instruments and Phil just ripped it behind the kit all night. It has some very awesome renditions of all the best Phil Collins hits, some amazing drum solos, and is great background music while chilling out.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Winterland

I feel like Jimi Hendrix has paved the way for a lot of musicians like myself out there. This super raw live album is flawless. Jimi and the rest of his band kill it and keep it extremely high energy the entire time. When I found out this was one of six performances throughout this weekend-long concert at the Winterland Ballroom, also in lovely San Francisco, I was blown away to think how exhausted these cats must have been from jamming so hard all weekend. Thank you for everything Mister Hendrix.