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DAVE GROHL confirms he drummed on new FOO FIGHTERS album

Not their new live drummer Josh Freese
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Over the weekend, the Foo Fighters finally announced that Josh Freese will be their new drummer, sitting in the coveted place of the late, great Taylor Hawkins. Dave Grohl and Co. made the big reveal at their livestreaming event, "Foo Fighters: Preparing Music for Concerts," and during some of the broadcast's between-song banter, the Foos also confirmed many fans' suspicions: it was Grohl himself who drummed on their forthcoming record, But Here We Are.

The upcoming LP will be the band's first record since Hawkins' tragic death in March 2022, and while they had previously shared two singles from the album, "Rescued" and "Under You.", the Foos had yet to confirm who sat behind the kit on the new LP. Now, we know it was Grohl.

"When you explained the beat on the record and you're like, 'I think I played it with one hand,' and I'm kinda doing the same thing. It feels good and sounds cool," Freese said during the livestream when he was discussing the the new track "Nothing At All."

"It was unintentional," Grohl responded. "I did it when I demoed it at my house. I'd just woken up, and I was tired. But on the shitty drum set at my house, it just sounded better. You're not hitting the hi-hat and the snare at the same time, so it sort of has more space."

If you missed the initial livestream, you're in luck. "Preparing Music for Concerts" is still streaming exclusively on foofighters.veeps.com, with on-demand repeat viewing enabled through May 24th.

But Here We Are is due out June 2nd on Roswell Records/RCA Records and available for preorder now.