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Dave Lombardo Picks 5 Greatest Punk Albums Ever

Former Slayer drummer hails the records he grew up on
Dave Lombardo 2015-ish press live shot , Milosz Bauza
Dave Lombardo
photograph by Milosz Bauza

Due to his time in Slayer, Dave Lombardo is best known as a figurehead of metal. But of course, Slayer and their thrash peers grew out of California's thriving punk and hardcore scene, and anyone who's heard 10 seconds of Lombardo's blistering drumming style could identify that the dude has a love for punk music.

This has been well-established for years, but in a new interview with Metal Hammer, the drummer — currently of Testament, Misfits, Mr. Bungle and Dead Cross — was asked to choose the five greatest albums in the entire history of punk music. It's a difficult question to throw at somebody, but Lombardo had some interesting picks.

"Oh, wow! An easy one there!" he joked. "Minor Threat's Out of Step, Circle Jerks' Group Sex, Dead Kennedys' In God We Trust...oh, man... GBH's Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne and...one more...DRI's Dealing With It. That's just off the top of my head with what I grew up with. There are others, but they stand out."

He also added that the Exploited would make his shortlist of all-time great punk bands, but didn't name a particular album of theirs. The ones he did pick make sense for a guy like Lombardo. Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys and D.R.I. (who began in Texas, but took off once they moved to San Francisco) are pillars of California punk music, Minor Threat's sole full-length is a legendary achievement, and GBH's 1981 debut left its mark on U.K. and U.S. bands alike.

Good selections, Dave!