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Dethklok Play First Show in 5 Years: See Set List, Photos, Videos

Brendon Small and Co. ejaculated fire all over Adult Swim Festival

Last night (November 15th) in Los Angeles, Dethklok re-formed for a highly anticipated headlining show at the second annual Adult Swim Festival, which also featured an array of decidedly less-metallic artists including Jamie xx, Vince Staples, Young Thug, Captain Murphy, Tierra Whack and Lil Nas X. It was the first time Metalocalypse co-creator and singer-guitarist-songwriter Brendon Small and his cohorts had taken the stage as the flesh-and-blood incarnation of the most brutal band in the universe since 2014. And Small's cohorts were a little different this time out: Gene Hoglan was back on drums, but on second guitar was Nili Brosh and on bass Pete Griffin. The newbies didn't miss a beat, however, and the band's set — which was livestreamed on Adult Swim's website, following an all-day Metalocalypse marathon — went off  without a hitch, complete with some new backing animation, a new voiceover courtesy of Mark Hamill and the live premieres of "Impeach God" and "Comet Song." See the full 19-song set list below (via, and check out some fan-shot photos and videos of the action.

Dethklok set list, Adult Swim Festival, November 15th:
Briefcase Full of Guts
Birthday Dethday
The Gears
Black Fire Upon Us
Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
Impeach God (Live Premiere)
Comet Song (Live Premiere)
I Ejaculate Fire
The Duel

Go Into the Water