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Fan Poll: Top 5 Napalm Death Songs

See what grind classic came out on top
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Across 39 years, 15 albums and a multitude of lineup changes, U.K. extreme-metal OGs Napalm Death are about unfuckwithable as they come. Their 16th album, Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism, is due out on September 18th across an array of collectible formats including a particularly tasty Revolver-exclusive edition pressed to "Mucus With Envy Swirled" vinyl and limited to just 250 copies — get yours before they're gone — which inspired us to ask you the fans to vote for their single greatest song. When a band has as deep a catalog as Napalm does, you'd expect the picks to be all over the place (as they were), but one short, sharp shock of early grindcore clearly rose to the fore. See the top five vote-getters below.

5. "Greed Killing"

Appearing on the '95 EP of the same name, "Greed Killing" is a hyper-catchy three-minute banger. Led by the characteristically forceful vocals of Mark "Barney" Greenway, just doing what he does bet, the cut pulsates, grooves and slams heads. Plus, in the music video, the band all dance around (it is catchy) and Barney's got long hair, making for a fun throwback.

4. "When All Is Said and Done"

From 2006's Smear Campaign, a concept album lambasting organized religion, this single boasts furious blasts, manic backup vocals and a headbanging rhythm. As savage as it sounds, the track's message is surprisingly more touchy-feely — check out this refrain: "When all is said and done/Heaven lies in my heart/No slave to beliefs that propagate pain/When all is said and done/Heaven lies in our hearts/This life is a gift to be lived and loved." Awww, Napalm ...

3. "Twist the Knife (Slowly)"

For many of you who voted, "Twist the Knife (Slowly)" was your first exposure to death metal. Featured on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, it certainly brought the the band new exposure and new fans. It's not the fastest song by Napalm Death standards (it is called "Twist the Knife (Slowly)," after all), but with Barney roaring over galloping beats and serrated guitars, it's still plenty brutal.

2. "Unchallenged Hate"

This two-minute, bone-crushing anti-racist cut gurgles and blasts before going absolutely bat-shit insane to further drive its point home. It's a standout off the grind pioneers's second album, From Enslavement to Obliteration, which marks an important milestone in the group's shape-shifting lineup: the final studio album with (future Cathedral) vocalist Lee Dorrian and (future Carcass) guitarist Bill Steer, it's also the first to feature bassist Shane Embury, who now stands as the band's longest-tenured member.

1. "You Suffer"

Going into this fan poll, we were confident that this Scum highlight would take the prize. Why? 1) It crushes and 2) it's two fucking seconds long. The lyrics? All of four incisive words: "You suffer, but why"? According to Godflesh's Justin Broadrick, Napalm's guitarist at the time, the "ridiculous" song started out as a joke, and the group would sometimes just play it 30 times in a row at local shows in their early days. Since then, "You Suffer" has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the shortest song ever recorded, and it's most definitely worthy of your No. 1 pick.