"Fugazi Meets Aaliyah": See Husbandry's Intense New "Smile with Teeth" Video | Revolver

"Fugazi Meets Aaliyah": See Husbandry's Intense New "Smile with Teeth" Video

NYC post-hardcore quartet present "play-by-play" of depression/anxiety episode

The approach of NYC-based heavy-music upstarts Husbandry — self-described on Facebook as "Fugazi meets Aaliyah" — is fascinating and singular within the worlds they inhabit. Instrumentally, they lean into a highly impressive hybrid of post-hardcore, punk and the harder side of indie — think the union of Slint, Chavez, Tortoise, Quicksand and Dillinger Escape Plan — but then there's the band's singer, Carina Zachary, whose strong soul vocals provides an incredible counterpoint to the mayhem and destruction happening around her. This compelling combination of sounds can be heard on the band's forthcoming LP, A Port in a Storm, due September 13th on Bandcamp and other streaming platforms.

Ahead of the release, the band has teamed with Revolver to unleash the song "Smile with Teeth" along with its vivid music video. Opening with a scene featuring Zachary lying face down on the cold sidewalk, the video progresses to show the scenes of violence, despair and chaos juxtaposed against everyday life. "Lyrically, 'Smile With Teeth' is a play-by-play of someone in the midst of a depression/anxiety episode," reveals Zachary. "It expresses the awareness of being in that mental and emotional space and how one might cope while trying to remain functional in their day-to-day life. The video explores how that struggle might be amplified by living in a fast-paced, overstimulating environment such as New York City."

Check out the song and video for the first time above. Husbandry are set to play September 27th at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn, followed by a free show on the 28th in Philadelphia as part of a festival at the Institute of Contemporary Art at UPenn.